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      The Breeze Collection

      A capsule of lightweight button up shirts made from UV protectant rip-stop fabric for sun coverage, and fitted with flexible rubber buttons for comfort when paddling, hiking or whatever else you're into. 

       Made in California in collaboration with 7TILL8 Wetsuits.

      The California Poppy represents an ode to the beginning of long days of summer. The poppy print was hand painted with watercolors and each shirt is cut individually into a one of a kind.

      Remember how we feel.

      Protesting is just the beginning, the real work begins at home. 

      We wanted everyone to have a reminder every day of how we feel now, a reminder to live with the intention of being anti-racist and politically active.

      All profits from each of these high quality giclée prints are donated to an organisation supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

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