Julian Glander: It starts with a feeling

“In some ways my pieces are a diary of my moods, things that are on my mind, the temperature of the room I’m in, et cetera.”

We had a chat with our new favorite animator and personality - Julian Glander - as we made our way through his surreal world of colors, characters and puffy blobish things.

Julian starts with a feeling- then throws in shapes, color and textures together to create parallel universes that tell oddly compelling stories.

A writer who wound up in the realm of 3D animated art, Julian continuously pushes out comically enlightening content. His clients have consisted of New Yorker, MTV, Vans, Disney, Wired, and more. His website lights you up with an array of comics to short films and all kinds of weird nooks, such as b3drooms: "Ongoing series where I eat food in my friends' apartments and model my surroundings."

Julian’s use of color feels immediately engaging, and it’s hard not to laugh at some of the blobs with eyeballs, or talking cones he allows us to come in contact with.

We have been seeing a lot of 3D animated art making its way through the internet - yet Juian’s work still jumps out in an interesting way. Each rendered world tells a different story from the next, and each character seems to have their own intricate background.

How long have you been illustrating/animating? How did it all start?
I started animating when I was 22. I went to college for creative writing and basically got into this field by accident, whoops :_)

Some of your work is so simple and to the point, and some of it seems more profound. Where do your ideas come from?
Oh, that's a hard one to answer. I usually start with more of a feeling than an idea, and flesh things out based on that. In some ways my pieces are a diary of my moods, things that are on my mind, the temperature of the room I'm in, et cetera.

What is your creative process like? What’s your favorite part of it?
Once I have an idea I just sit down and start jamming shapes together in Blender. My favorite part is choosing the colors, textures lighting et cetera. It's always an amazing rush to hit render and see how everything turned out. I usually have to cut myself off because I could just do that forever.

What else are you into? Any hobbies?
Reading, biking, and I just got Moviepass so I've been going to the movies every day and getting fat from popcorn.

Any fun fact about yourself?/Anything else that you want people to know?I was an extra in the movie Mistress America (2015) -- I bump into Greta Gerwig in a bar scene, look for me!

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