Marta: Collages from Catalunia

Marta N. Lloret is a visionary from Catalunia who combines her interests in music, fashion, and films to create entrancing art. Her pieces have a feeling of nostalgia combining both nature, the female form, as well as whatever other textures she gets her hands on.
What is your artistic background, when did you begin with art and what got you started?
As a kid I’ve been interested in all arts. I drew a lot and I wrote stories, but that was a way to express myself. Growing up I’ve had more difficulties to express myself artistically, as I didn’t find the right way. A certain day, casually, I began to make things with Photoshop and Illustration, and I noticed that I was having fun. From this I’ve gained motivation to keep doing it, as I see that it helps me to express and to feeling done, and it’s something I do without practically any effort and it makes me feel fine.

Do you have a recent memory of what evoked the inspiration of texture and color? Do you find yourself looking at different textures on a daily basis and thinking about how you may be able to use them in your art?
I have the good luck to work in a place where I have to catalog a lot of old fashioned magazines and retro photos, and I love to take a look at them. I get a lot of inspiration from this, for colors, textures and environments, and even have used some of the photos from old magazines in my work. Also on a normal day I usually see things that inspire me, like some specific color combination.
Has being a woman in contemporary art in any way made things different for you in your society or not at all?
I think that being a woman, in any realm of art, is harder than being a man. Even today, it’s more common to see men working as graphic designers, than women. I think that being a woman is more difficult to get recognition as a talented person. Always there’s someone who doesn’t take you seriously, or who thinks you’re only “playing”.

The general society is more interested in what a man can do, and when a woman does the work, they always try to find an excuse to underestimate it. I wish some day, the entire society can forget gender, and that you get evaluate by your work, not by if you’re a woman or a man.

I usually get inspiration on women I like, like actresses or artists. It is true that the major part of my collages and the photographs I love are related to women. Female beauty inspires me a lot, but this is not a thing I have planned or something, it is unintentional. Also I'm very attracted by female elegance, and I don't like corny things, so this can make my collages seem a bit feminist or something but that is not my intention at all.

“...Anyway the world is a men's world. Generally those men that don't take you seriously is because of fear. They cannot come to terms with the idea that your work could be better than theirs.”

Do you feel growing older has limitations on the creative mind? Are there things we can do to activate our childhood imagination and creativity?
I think that the main problem of getting older is that you put pressure on yourself and that limits you a lot when you try to be creative. When you are a child you don't put barriers to yourself, you don't see or know too many thinks. There are not thinks that can condition you, so you are more free.

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